Environmental, Health and Safety Policy(EHS)

Ellora is committed to operations and practices which prevent harm to people and damage to environment and property. E.H.S. is an essential and integral part of each and every activity at Ellora. Therefore, all work shall be carried out with at most care without compromising E.H.S. under the circumstances.

The objective of policy is achieved at all company’s locations by:

  • Complying with all applicable E.H.S. laws, regulations, standards and procedures the respective client and apply more stringent standards and procedures where it is considered to do so.
  • Incorporating appropriate E.H.S. criteria into business decisions providing a safe and healthy work place for all its employees, including labors, through operational procedures, safe systems and method of work.
  • Identifying and eliminating/controlling hazards and pollution that could cause accidents, illness or environmental harm
  • Ensuring Vendor’s, Employee’s & labor’s to follow the company’s E.H.S. rules, procedures and safe practices.
  • Providing training to all employees to maintain E.H.S. system.
  • Ensuring appropriate and adequate resources are available to implement and achieve the E.H.S. policy.
  • Undertaking reviews to ensure continual improvement in EH.S. performance.

Working safely and in an environmentally appropriate manner are conditions of


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